compact 270x300 Compact Microwaves GuideCompact microwaves are perfect for any kitchen, no matter its size. They are generally countertop units that can be placed on any stable, flat surface. Have a little extra room on top of the fridge or in the corner of your counter? Drop a compact machine anywhere you want.

Advantages of a Compact Microwaves

The main advantage is visible right in the name: it’s a small piece of equipment. If you find yourself running low on counter space in your kitchen, a small microwave is a great way to maximize your available space. Plus, they tend to be lighter than full-size microwaves, so they can be easily moved around, whether you’re completely re-arranging your kitchen or simply want to get it out of the way.

Additionally, compact microwaves are generally the cheapest kind, due to their size. True, you can still get a wide range of options on a compact model, but smaller generally means cheaper, so this is great for people on a budget, especially singles or college students.


That said, if you’re going to be cooking larger meals, you may find that some dishes simply don’t fit into a compact model. Plan on cooking for a family of four? You’re probably better off sticking with a full size or over-the-range oven.

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