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A convection oven microwave combines traditional microwave technology with convection to heat meals incredibly quickly and evenly. Whereas a traditional meal might leave the inside of something cold or not completely cooked, convection will ensure that the food is cooked thoroughly inside and out.

What is Convection?

A convection oven works by using a fan to circulate hot air around an enclosed space. This high-speed fan moves the heat equally around the oven, thus providing equal heat to everything you’re cooking.

Why Use a Convection Microwave?

Microwaves are known to cook fast, but with the additional power of convection, entire meals can be cooked at astonishing speeds. Additionally, it can bake, cook, reheat, broil, or brown any meal, as opposed to the traditional ‘heat’ setting that microwaves come with.

Convection microwave ovens produce foods with brown outsides and moist, fully-cooked interiors. They also have a fast-baking feature that uses both microwave and convection at the same time to cook completely and quickly. Generally, cooking speeds are reduced 20% when convection is added.

Because convection ovens cook so fast, you can cook with less oil, which makes your meals healthier. And they cook at lower temperatures, so you won’t burn away all the food’s nutrients and minerals.

This also keeps the heat down in the kitchen, which is great, because a lot of cooking can raise temperatures 15 or 20 degrees.

Finally, convection ovens use considerably less energy than traditional microwaves, saving on energy bills and helping the environment.

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