countertop 300x300 Countertop Microwaves GuideCountertop Microwaves are the most common type of kitchen appliance. As the name suggests, they generally sit on the kitchen counter, though they can be placed anywhere that is flat and stable.

The term ‘Countertop’ refers simply to the placement and structure of the microwave; this is in contrast to Over-the-Range microwaves, which are placed within the cupboards, above the oven range. As such, countertop microwaves can include convection, microhoods, or any other feature you may find in a microwave.

The advantage to a countertop set-up is that its placement is flexible. You can move it anywhere you want, thus freeing up space for other appliances and cooking. Generally, countertop microwaves are cheaper than over-the-range machines, because they require no extra structural parts, simply four padded feet to hold them up.

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