microhood 300x300 MicroHood Microwaves GuideWhat is a Microhood?

A microhood is a small ventilation system attached to the microwave that allows hot air to escape, usually outside the home. Microhoods are placed atop over-the-range microwave ovens, so that hot air, steam, and smoke from the oven below can disperse, rather than remaining in the kitchen.

It is very common for over-the-range microwaves to have microhoods, though not compulsory. The thinking is that if you have a microwave above your range (which is common), you cannot have a dedicated ventilation system there as well, so the microhood helps to alleviate the heat and smoke.

The microhood has one or more fans inside that pull the air through and away from your kitchen. Be sure to check the product specifications to see:

  1. How many fans the hood has, and
  2. How fast the fans spin.

Faster fans will be more effective at eliminating exhaust. Some ovens also have multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust to the current needs. This way you don’t need to keep a powerful fan on, which may be noisy and require more energy, if you are only producing a small amount of smoke or steam.

Find the Right Microhood for your Kitchen

Take a look at the Microhood Microwave reviews available on this site for more information.

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