A microwave is one of those purchases you only make every few years, so it’s something you should think about considerably before making any decisions. Just about any microwave oven you pick up will do fine at popping popcorn or making last night’s leftovers palatable again, but there are other things to consider.

A great number of technological advances have been made in the last 5 to 10 years, so your next microwave can probably do a lot more than your old one. Features like rotating turntables, pre-configured settings, convection ovens, and more set some microwaves above the rest. So before making a purchase, let’s take a look at some of the most important features:

  • Turntable: Microwave turntables are pretty common these days, but not guaranteed. A simple rotating plate will ensure that your food is heated evenly on all sides and through to the center.
  • Wattage: Most microwaves come with somewhere between 800 and 1600 watts. For cooking purposes, the more watts it has the faster it cooks. While 50 or 100 watts may not make a difference, 200 or more will bring a noticeable change in cooking speed.
  • Cooking Sensors: A lot of newer models come with high-tech sensors that can stop or slow down cooking when the food is overheating, so your food always comes out perfectly cooked, even if you’re unsure of how much time or power to use.
  • Color: It may not seem essential, but if you’re making a big purchase you don’t want it to stand out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. Microwaves often come painted in black or white, while stainless steel models are becoming more common.  That said, you can also find some pretty splashy microwaves.  Check out this red Emerson countertop microwave, for example.
  • Child Locks: If you have young children at home, a simple child lock can save a lot of headaches. For a few extra dollars you get a feature that will ensure your children are safe and unable to tamper with the oven.
  • Pre-Programmed Settings: You’ve just popped something in the microwave, be it popcorn or a T-Bone steak, and you don’t know how much power or time to give it. No problem: with pre-programmed settings, you simply select the kind of food you’re heating and the microwave chooses the perfect temperature and time.

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