overtherange 300x174 Over the Range Microwaves GuideAn over-the-range microwave is located, as the name suggests, over the oven range. Many modern kitchens come standard with an oven/microwave combination, where the oven is on the floor, and the microwave is above it.

There are several advantages to an over-the-range setup. For one thing, you save kitchen space. Any countertop microwave will take up a substantial area on your counter, which could otherwise be used for food preparation or other appliances. The over-the-range model frees up that space.

Additionally, these models often come standard with a Microhood, which extracts the smoke and steam from the oven below it and pushes it out through a ventilation system. Cooking on the stove may produce a lot of smoke, so a proper vent system can keep your kitchen manageable.

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